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Playing the homeless

“Playing the homeless” directed by Katarzyna Adamik, screenplay by Przemyslaw Nowakowski, Cast: Martin Dorocińskiblu-ray covers Jacek Mroz,

movie covers

dvd covers

Raphael Fudalej, Piotr Jagielski, Marek Kalita, Krzysztof Kiersznowski, Eryk Lubos, Maciej Nowak, Dimitrij Persin, Jacek Poniedzialekblu-ray covers “Priest”, Dariusz Toczek, Bartlomiej Topa, Joanna dvd covers Sevek, Maria Sewerynblu-ray covers Ewa, Zbigniew Zamachowskiblu-ray covers journalist, Witold Debicki, producer Krzysztof Zanussi, photos: Jacek Petrycki, dvd cover design: Arkadiusz Janitor Music: Anthony lazarkiewicz, sound: Jacek Hamel, Leszek Freund, production designer: Catherine Sobańska-Strzalkowska, costumes by Catherine Lewińska, M. Hedwig-Luterek Rutkiewicz, editing: Michael Czarnecki, co-producer: Agnieszka Holland, Katarzyna Adamik. Dvd labels is based on the true story. movie covers many parts of the world homeless soccer teams formed, which played the movie covers the dvd covers championship.

Also covers dvd movie covers a group of homeless people heard about the competition and decided to start a band. Several times they played movie covers championships and recently won a medal. The film is a faithful reproduction of the facts. movie covers reality teams were formed differently: assume a few teams that dvd covercity grips with each other to choose the representation for the championship. Besides holding a dvd movie covercity ordinary rules of football, while the homeless play for a slightly different basis. All characters are fictional and were created on a canvas of many more or less common characters. The story is also based on reports covercity dvd releases, films, literary works, carried out by our meetings and conversations and stories narrated to us. History is not too rosy: Our heroes stumble and fall covercity dvd to rise and fall again. They quarrel and fight covercity dvd, are to each other distrustful, lose patience and faith movie covers the purpose of their actions and their struggle. Jacek passes all of these steps, along with his players. During this movie covers dvd covercity way is a real leader, a real coach, a true man. Many dvd covercity learns about himself and others. Covercity dvd teaches a lot about loving. The film is realized movie covers realistic convention, though not without a certain amount of humor. We want our heroes were men of flesh and blood cover, cover characters sketched with humor and respect for the beauty of their existence. We want to lead this story dvd covers a happy ending, because the happy ending is possible, and therefore dvd covers the can hope to infuse the characters and the movie covers movie covers other – movie covers our viewers … covers dvd movie “Playing the homeless,” Polish-language DVD cover design was done by “bob81”, is a graphic designer labels dvd making a movie covers his works “DVD cover covercity” service that promotes artists such as “bob81” by providing them cover a wide group of its users. AWARDS: Film Festival coversch dvd movie covers Los Angeles won: 1 National Board of Review 2009 Hollywood Eagle won Best Feature.

Film Kasia Adamik Festival of Film coversch dvd movie covers Gdynia (PFF) won: 3 Awards: 1 National Board of Review 2008 Won Audience Award Special Award Silver Screen Kasia Adamik Golden Lion Best Supporting Actor (2004) Eryk Lubos Best Costume Design (since 2004) Catherine dvd covers Magdalena J. Rutkiewicz Nominated Golden Lions share of movie covers the main competition Kasia Adamik  International Festival of the Art of Cinematography Plus Camerimage won: 1 National Board of Review 2008 won Film Competition Best dvd coversch operator Jacek Petrycki dvd covers Film Academy Awards: 3 National Board of Review 2009 Eagle nomination Best Actor Main Martin Dorociński Best Costume Design Catherine Lewińska Magdalena J. Rutkiewicz Best Cinematography Jacek Petrycki


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