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romantic comedies

August 21, 2012

This obsession: USA Genre: Drama, Thriller, Release Date: 2009-09-18 (Poland), directed by Steve Shill, screenplay by David Loughery, Cast: Idris Elba, Derek Charles, Beyonc Knowles, Sharon Charles, Ali Larte, Lisa Sheridan, Jerry O’Connell, Music: James Dooley, Photo: Ken Seng, editing by Paul Seydor, production designer Jon Gary Steele, Chris Cornwell, Dena Roth, Costume Designer: Maya […]

CoverCity and film

August 8, 2012

Believing that he is truly dead, Voldemort’s army marches down to the dvd covers defenseless Hogwarts while cover is being carried by the dvd covers tied Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane). Voldemort torments the dvd covers students and staff as they are now vulnerable and he’s ready for anyone who wants to join him. Neville then gives […]