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CoverCity and film

Believing that he is truly dead, Voldemort’s army marches down to the dvd covers defenseless Hogwarts while cover is being carried by the dvd covers tied Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane). Voldemort torments the dvd covers students and staff as they are now vulnerable

dvd covers


and he’s ready for anyone who wants to join him. Neville then gives a moving speech in which he says that although cover is dead, the dvd covers fight is not over. He then gets the dvd covers sword of Gryffindor from the dvd covers sorting hat. cover reveals himself to be alive and casts a spell to Voldemort and his army. Many of the dvd covers other Death Eaters flee, including the dvd covers Malfoy family. Battle ensues inside the dvd covers castle, and cover and Voldemort face off and continuously cast spells at each other. On the dvd covers other hand, Hermione and Ron try to kill the dvd covers last Horcrux, Nagini.

However, they fail to do so. However, when the dvd covers snake is about to kill them, Neville kills it by decapitating its head using the dvd covers sword of Gryffindor.Aragorn is crowned King of the dvd covers West, heralding the dvd covers new age of peace, and is reunited with Arwen. the dvd covers hobbits return to the dvd covers Shire, where Sam marries Rosie Cotton. Frodo, having finished writing his entry in the dvd covers Red Book of Westmarch, is still   suffering from the dvd covers effects of the dvd covers ring, having possessed it for so long. He realises that he will never have peace in Middle-earth. So he decides to go with Gandalf, Bilbo, Elrond and Galadriel to the dvd covers Grey Havens. There he passes the dvd covers Red Book onto Sam to record the dvd covers years of his life to come, and thence the dvd covers last ship to leave Middle-earth sets off, pulling slowly away from the dvd covers shore and passing along the dvd covers Straight Road into the dvd covers Uttermost West.

Pippin and Merry take their leave and Sam is left staring into the dvd covers golden sunset. In the dvd covers last scene, Sam is shown

movie covers

dvd covers

walking back up the dvd covers lane to Bag End, where he is greeted by Rosie his wife and his children, surrounded by his family and with the dvd covers rest of his life ahead of him, Sam sighs  and says “Well, I’m back”, then he goes inside and shuts the dvd covers door as the dvd covers screen fades to black.


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