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The Little Mermaid

Independent Princess Ariel dreams of, to discard the tail and become part of the human world. At the end of a pact with the insidious witch Ursula, who admittedly mermaid transforms into a man, but in the pledge takes her most precious treasure – a The Little Mermaid coverbeautiful voice. Ariel will need a lot of courage, determination and the help of the faithful friends – Sebastian and Florek – to cope with the new circumstances and sort out the matter in both worlds. The Disney version of “Little Mermaid” presents the adventures of an independent mermaid named Ariel, who tries desperately to get to the human world. Acting under the influence of emotions contains so system with bad sea witch Ursula casting their votes and tail in exchange for a pair of legs and the chance to re-meeting a handsome prince Eric, who rescued the ship disaster. Acting against the advice of his wise father, King Triton and crab Sebastian, who was supposed to protect her, Ariel falls in no small trouble discovering that silence is not golden, and the benefits that enjoyed by arrangement with Ursula, is at least doubtful. ..


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