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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

Rebellious and sent to a correctional facility for assault on a bakery Colin (Tom Courtenay) promoted in the local hierarchy thanks to his bravery, which proves racing over long distances. Their skills often unknowingly perfected while fleeing from the The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runnerpolice. Governor reformatory (Michael Redgrave) believes that sport can be for having an unhappy childhood boyfriend a chance for a better life, seeing in the use of his talent as an advantage for himself – he wants to show that he can change his pupils in decent members of society. During his lone gears that give him a sense of freedom first, Colin thinks about her life spins dreams and memories of times when it still was not a sports star establishment. Eighteen Colin Smith goes to a reformatory. Sports star establishment, champion long distance and recognize falsehood and hypocrisy in everyday attitudes so and educators, as well as alumni, rebels against zastałemu order. “I think Colin’s character is myself. His loneliness is the same as mine – the loneliness of the artist who has to fight, or sell” – said Alan Sillitoe.


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